Details of the Library
Working Hours 10 A.M to 6 P.M
During Exam 9 A.M to 7 P.M
Total Carpet Area of the Library (Sq.MT) 816
Automation Partial Automation
Librarian Mr. Rakesh S.Prajapati

M.A.,M.Lib & I.Sc.

Library Committee Dr. D. M. Chaudhary            

Dr.Prashant B.Parihar

Dr.Pravinaben .K.Patel

Dr. Pathik .D. Barot

Anil Thakor(Student)

Monbha Zala (Student)

Bhoomi Vyas (Student)

Bhatt Ekta (Student)

Library Setup
Number of Books  
General Library 16198
Poor Boys Library 3623
UGC Book Bank Grant 139
UGC Cohship Grant 364
8th Plan UGC Grant 144
9th Plan UGC Grant 743
10th Plan UGC Grant 611
11th Plan UGC Grant 427
Total 22,249
Back Volume Educational Journals   167
Dissertations of M.Ed  (From 1987 to 2000)   260
Educational C.D., DVDs 25
Audio Cassettes 20

List of Encyclopedia & Multi Volume



Titles Vol.
1 The New Encyclopedia of Britannica 1-29
2 The International Encyclopedia of Education 1-10
3 International Encyclopedia of Education 1-15
4 Encyclopedia of Educational Research (Ed.: H.E.Mitzel) 1-4
5 Encyclopedia of Educational Research (R.L.Ebel) 1
6 Encyclopedia of Educational Research (A.B.Laurie) 1-5
7 Encyclopedia of Education (S.K.Kadam) 1-3
8 Encyclopedia And Dictionary of Education 1-4
9 Encyclopedia of Teaching Physical Science 1-3
10 Encyclopedia of Educational Problems 1-2
11 Careers Encyclopedia 1
12 Hindi Vishwakosh (Hindi) 1-5
13 Gujarati Vishwakosh (Gujarati) 1-23
14 Prassanika Gnayankosh (Gujarati) 1-9
15 Bhagwat Gomandal (Gujarati) 1-9
16 Encyclopedic Dictionary of Statistics 1-2
17 Dictionary of Education  1-2
18 The Encyclopedic Dictionary of Psychology 1
19 The Encyclopedic Dictionary of Psychology (R.C.Saxena) 1-2
20 Rashtriya Jivan Charitra Nirman Granthavali (Hindi) 1-6
21 Gujarati Sahityakar Kosh (Gujarati) 1-2
22 Hindi Sahitya Evam Sahityakar 1-2
23 The Great Works of Plato 1-3
24 Great Indians and Their Landmark Speeches 1-2
25 A history of Civilization of Ancient India 1-2
26 Vinoba Sahitya (Hindi) 1-29
27 Gandhian Literarure —–
**Note: Many Indian and Foreign Titles are available in the library for reference.
*** Note: Multi lingual Dictionaries are available in education, psychology, Mathematics, Science, English, Hindi, Gujarati, Sanskrit and other subjects.

Educational Surveys

Sr. No Particulars
1 A Survey of Research In Education (M.B.Buch)
2 Second Survey of Research In Education
3 Third Survey of Research In Education (1978-1983)
4 Fourth Survey of Research In Education (1983-1988)
5 Fifth All-India Education Survey (NCERT)
6 Sixth All India Educational Survey
7 Seventh All India Educational Survey
8 Bibliography of Doctoral Dissertations
9 University Handbook


Classification Method is done as per 19th edition of Dewey’s Decimal Classification


Book issue Process: Textbook and related references are given to the trainees within the first week of B.Ed. admission. During the academic year the books are issued.


Open Access System: Every bonafide student of the college can enter the library freely. They are allowed to go to the cupboard of the books and make their own selection.


Arrangement of Cupboard: Taking into consideration the choice and interest of the readers, the popular selections are displayed prominently and the cupboards are easily accessible.
The textbooks are kept near them, whereby the students have minimum loss of time in selecting books and getting them issued.
VI Details of Library Cupboards
Subject Cub. Key No


1 82
Dictionary 2 372
Dissertation 3 15
Dissertation, Bibliography & Back Volume Journal 4 22
 Survey Reports, &Biography, 5 66
General Literature & Parichaya Pusatika 6 75
General Reference 7 02
Gujarati Literature 8 10
Gujarati Content & Methods 9 31
Philosophy 10 31
Psychology 11 44
Education System In India 12 5
Text Book Std.5 to12 13 2
Research & U. G .C. Publication(M.Ed) 14 23
Psychology (Reference books) 15 14
Psychology (Gujarati Reference books) 16 4
Psychology (M.Ed.) 17 6
Sanskrit 18 1
Hindi 19 34
Elements of Book Keeping & Economics 20 100
Science 21 70
Statistics 22 53
Mathematics 23 77
Teaching techniques 24 21
Commerce 25 96
English 26 4
English -Grammar 27 4
Computer Education, Technology & Guidance 28 2
History 29 1
Social- Study 30 3
Teaching Techniques 31 92
Magazine Rack 32
New Arrivals & Book Reviews 33
Library Records 34
New Arrivals & Book Reviews 35
Journal Rack 36
General Literature & Parichaya Pusatika 37
NCERT & Other State Text Books 38
Back Volume Journals & Magazines 39
Back Volume Journals & Magazines 40
News Paper Stand 41


Reading Facility: In the library reading room chairs, benches and tables are provided for the trainees. Nearby thirty (30) readers can sit together and read books, magazines and journals.


Issue of Magazines and Journals: Old Magazines and Journals are issued to students for reading in the reading room. Nearly 30 Magazines and 7 Journals and 3 News papers are subscribed to for the use of the trainees and staff.


Vocational Guidance: In the interest of the trainees library displays necessary useful information pertaining to employment and general knowledge on the notice board. The advertisements appearing in Rojgar Samachar, Employment News, Liberty Career News, Latest Facts in General Knowledge are regularly displayed to provide necessary inputs for the students.Those trainees who are preparing themselves for NET/SLET, GPSC and other competitive examinations are provided with books and periodicals. Assistance is given regularly filling the application forms and preparation with the help of expert faculties. The faculties are very co- operative to the trainees by providing guidance to them.


Library Computerization: SOUL (SOftware for University Libraries) – Software of INFLIBNET is purchased. The computerization process is in midway. Slowly the advantages of this facility will be available.


The internet facility is available on the one computer in the library. Students can use this facility under the supervision of the librarian.


The Question Papers files of the University Examination as well as Preliminary Examinations are well maintained.

List of Periodical & Journal

Sr. No. Title Subject Time Language
1. Sandesh News Daily Gujarati
2. Gujarat Shamachar News Daily Gujarati
3. Divaya Bhaskar News Daily Gujarati
4. The Times Of India News Daily English
5. Abhiyan General Weekly Gujarati
6. Empolyment News Empoyment Weekly English
7. Gujarat Rojgar shamachar Empoyment Weekly Gujarati
8. University News Educational Weekly English
9. Udichaya H.N.G.U.News Fornightly Gujarati
10. University Today Educational Fornightly English
11. Niriksak General Fornightly Gujarati
12. Navnit Shamrpan General Monthly Gujarati
13. Shri Ramkrushan jyot Genaral Monthly Gujarati
14. Safari Science Monthly Gujarati
15. Achala Educational Monthly Gujarati
16. Suganitam Mathamatical Monthly Gujarati
17. Pragatisil siksan`  Educational Monthly Gujarati
18. Sikshan sudha  Educational Monthly Gujarati
19. Akhand anand General Monthly Gujarati
20. Gruh sobha General Monthly Gujarati
21. Vignan darshan Science Monthly Gujarati
22. Yojna Economic Monthly Gujarati
23. Gujarat General Monthly Gujarati
24. Vishvavihar General Monthly Gujarati
25. Children’s world General Monthly English
26. Samanyaghnan darpan General k. Monthly Hindi
27. Lok Swaraj General Monthly Gujarati
28. Haribhav Phylosopy. Monthly Gujarati
29. Budhdhi prakash Gujarati.lit. Monthly Gujarati
30. Kumar Gujarati.lit. Monthly Gujarati
31. Experiments in Education. Edu.Jou. Quaterly English
32. Wisdom General Monthly English
33. Gujarat Journal Of Psychology & Education Psy.Journal Quaterly English
34. Jivan Sikshan General Monthly Gujarati
35. Dlibcom Lib.Sci. Monthly English
36 NBT News Letter Book.NEWS Monthly English
37. Perspectives In Education Edu.Jur. Monthly English
38. Journal Of all India association for educational research Edu.Journal Quaterly English
39. ILA Bullatim Edu.Journal Quaterly English
40. Reserch Waves Edu.Journal Monthly English
41. Letest Effect In G.K. NEWS & G.K. Monthly Gujarati
42. Pratiyogita Darpan NEWS & G.K. Monthly English
43. Pustakalay Library Monthly Gujarati